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General questions

Famm.io is an effective tool for social listening and media monitoring of your or any other brand, a quick search of content creators, influencers, competitors analysis and mentions in various sources.

The aim of Famm.io is to simplify and fasten the process of search and media monitoring, especially when it comes to your brand.

This tool is perfect for experts in Marketing managers, Brand managers, PR, SMM pros and any startup teams to monitor competitors and track mentions of a brand.

In the right low corner, you can find a button "Export CSV" file. This way, all web mentions and researched information saved to a computer.

Monitor YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, News, Blogs, Forums and all media.

How to

Simply add your company to projects, choose the brand category and add keywords to start monitoring for mentions. That`s it!

You can add 2 projects in Free Starter Pack or 10 projects in Pro Plan for brand mentions monitoring.

As soon as you create a project, you find a historic depth search for 30 days in all mentioned platforms.

Twitter shows the search of the depth for the last 6 days.

The purpose of a project is to work with new mentions that update every 2 hours (if there are any).

There's a limit in 30 000 mentions for all added projects in a free plan. Unlimited mentions per month you can get with Fammio Pro Plan.

You can check your limits on the right high corner 'USED LIMITS' info.

Famm.io is a B2B tool designed for growing your brand awareness and business.

Discover your main social media channels and web resources by tracking customers’ comments and mentions about your brand.

Famm.io is also about easy monitoring and analyzing of competitors mentions and a quick search of content creators to promote your service or product.

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