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What Is Brand Mention?

In digital marketing tracking of brand mentions took the lead. Brand monitoring idea has spread and now almost every company tries to find out as much as possible about brand mentions on the Internet. Today, brand mentions are the scale of content evaluation and, for sure, it’s super useful for Marketing, PR, and SEO.


  1. What is brand mention?
  2. Why it is useful to track your brand?
  3. How can it help in growing and developing business?
  4. Brand mention impacts brand awareness
  5. In value we trust

What is brand mention?

For those of you who are not familiar with brand mentions, let me put it in the simplest way possible. Brand mention is the digital footprint of a business. Any trace left by a brand such as a mention in an article or blog post, any comment, reach or like on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook that can be found and selected according to its relevance to a particular field.

Following these “traces” its easy to identify brand reputation as in most cases they are published in comments under posts, as suggestions and complaints or in surveys on a brand’s website.

When it comes to business strategy and content evaluation, feedback of the customers is priceless.

The solution provided to the audience is the reason why a brand was created in the first place. So the simplest and as it turned out the most effective way to know your customers better is social media.

Why it is useful to track your brand?

Online brand presence is a must-have option these days. The more active a company online, the better. It’s extremely important for developing and building further brand awareness, so customers would recognize a particular brand by one hashtag or a well-known product. To make this happen, posts, news, comments and reaction of the audience define a company develops its visibility.

A unique and catchy brand hashtag gives a chance to stand out of the competitors’ crowd and simply search. A mention of a brand in a trusted media source or respectable magazine helps to build up credibility and attract a wider range of audience. The question is how to do that?

How can it help in growing and developing business?

Constant social media and news monitoring instantly gives information about recent mentions, comments, reach and likes. Yes, we have to admit that in the 21st-century customers rarely give their feedback directly, but instead they spend hours typing comments, suggestions, and complaints. This is a new method of interaction, and we have to admit an effective one.

Analysis of brand mentions enlarges perspective and illustrates current issues for your business to work on. In particular, it reflects where, when and who is delighted or disappointed by a product or service. Every mention of a brand, no matter if that’s positive, negative or neutral, is valuable data; the basic map that underlines gaps and highlights opportunities.

Brand mention impacts brand awareness

Careful monitoring and the timely reaction is the key to brand awareness improvement. Reputation never builds itself; it depends on the level of competitiveness in a niche, on the usage of the tools that track brand mentions and most importantly on the target audience. 

Much like shown on the pictures, online brand management may be reflected in mentions only or in comments, mentions, likes, reach combined to see the bigger picture.

Thank God, it is possible to control brand authority and conduct online reputation management on your end. Talking about it in detail, positive mentions from customers is a great opportunity to increase the credibility and start building good brand history. Negative mentions are useful as well; in fact, they reflect all weak points and provoke paying attention to missed details.

Moreover, any business has to deal with unsatisfied customers/users who might try to spoil hard work on developing a positive online brand reputation. But keep in mind that these are count as benefits of brand mention as well. For sure, if someone speeds false or negative information about your brand, you have to (!) know who to nip these kinds of things in the bud.

In value we trust

When it comes to the ratio of pricing and quality, social listening tools may not meet the expectations of the majority of customers. In most cases, free tools are not practical enough. As for paid tools, they do have the necessary set of features, yet the pricing is as high as the quality.

There’s a limited number of truly useful tools of no charge. If you managed to find a free brand mentions tool that offers a number of on-demand features and gives results right away, you’re the lucky one.

Overall, the high or low frequency of brand mentions is the criteria for business growth. Sure thing, brand mentions also imply the reaction of other people to the quality of a brand. These are small bricks of brand reputation and credibility in a niche.

The importance of brand awareness and brand mentions was underestimated for a long time. Stories of successful businesses prove that web monitoring and social listening is valuable and worth attention.


Natalie Zavizion is the Marketing Specialist at, develops the company's marketing strategy and promotion.

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