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The Ultimate Guide On How To Find Brand Influencers

1. Who is an influencer?
2. Make a research of your niche
3. Define your ideal customer and preferable outcome
4. Key tips on influencer search
5. How to find influencers using online tools

Currently, influencer marketing is a big deal and captures the attention of almost every business. Because it works. Social media created new conditions for competitiveness. Besides, it requires brand new approaches in everything from technology and entrepreneurship to sales and PR.

Have you ever heard about Gary Vee or Grant Cardone? They are the “godfathers” of influencer marketing and actively demonstrate how it positively affects business.

If you’re one of those who still doubt trying influencer marketing and have no idea what’s the buzz about it, this is the article you need to straighten things out. You’ve probably heard the definition “influencers” that almost every young adult is obsessed with. Today you find out what it really means and how to find influencers for your brands’ promotion.

Oh, and this isn’t all, my friend. In this blog article, we compartmentalize the guide on how to find influencers, contact and negotiate with them correctly. And, of course, we will share the tool to simply influencers search based on a clear brand sample. Here we go.

Who is an influencer?

Imagine that someone you gained your trust and whose opinion honest and reliable is always social media you check the most. This is an influencer, a person who impacts and shapes the viewpoint of thousands, something millions of people.

Influencers are the people who realized that the only thing that words are valuable content; those who mastered storyteller to promote and eventually sell products; people who found their own features, type of humor and style of presentation. 

As a rule, influencers pick one social media platform, because being active on more that one is time-consuming and exhausting. For this reason, the majority of them choose Instagram, Facebook or YouTube and then repurpose the content to other, less profitable platforms. Experienced influencers keep on hustling with YouTube and Instagram at the same time; these two platforms proved efficiency in comparison to the rest.

How to find influencers using online tools

A true influence expands awareness and spurs into action. Within the framework of influencer marketing, impactful figures have to bring value and encourage the audience to take action. This is especially important in business development. 

Researching the niche you work in, pay close attention to what, who and why is trending at the moment. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong marketing channel may negatively impact the further development of your brand. For instance, if your healthcare-related brand all of a sudden connects with PR influencers, the outcome might disappoint you. 

It’s really challenging, or better to say impossible, to find a train at an airport, right? To find exactly what you want, choose the right location. This way, it’s a matter of high priority to attract Your audience is actively engaged with your niche.

Social media have been confirming their efficiency for quite some time and proved their reliability as one of the marketing channels. The majority of brands take care of creating and developing websites and then build social media presence. Despite that, for some brands, it’s enough to be active on social media platforms to make a business work.

It’s important to clarify the roadmap of your business and describe the preferable outcome you aspire for.

Define your ideal customer and preferable outcome

Choose the platform you want to develop your business in. First of all, define your viewership.

This will give the exact direction for further moves. Think through the image of your ideal customer, including the industry of work, potential interests, dominant gender, and age. For example, if you are in a sports niche promoting clothing and sport accessories, most likely the audience would be of 20-35 years old of both genders that use Instagram. Simple as that. 

You’d definitely need to create a buyer persona as soon as you define and understand your target audience and its interests. This will help to adjust your product or service according to the market’s demands. This might be an ongoing process, as the audience will grow and change. Buyer persona is also a benchmark that can navigate your communication strategy, your content, its type and value.  

You see, as soon as you understand your ideal audience, or in other words buyer persona, you resolve the question of whom exactly influencer marketing will be targeted on. To find out who is your buyer persona, it’s essential to collect data as much as possible and to run surveys and product-market fit interviews with existing customers. This is the appropriate starting-point for developing targeted marketing and email campaigns.

Make sure if you need influencer campaigns

The ideal situation is to follow an influencer campaign. It implies offering a product or service of your brand in exchange for promotion on an influencer’s social media account. If you’re able to reach this level, it means that your brand developed enough for this type of marketing. 

Here’s the tip you don’t want to miss. If you’re a startup or growing business and interested in popularizing your product through influencer marketing, it’s a very wise strategy to focus on micro-influencers firstly. Let me give you an example. You might spend money paying a world-known influencer for just one post or video review. Will it impact sales? To think about it, spending the same amount for influencer campaigns with five or six micro-influencers, your brand will become a trending topic for three or more days. This approach is a well-thought decision for a long-run prospect. 

Choose the influencers campaign for your brand

An important part of negotiations in influencer marketing is to discuss long-term arrangements that involve weekly posts or mentions about your brand. This is consistency in the process.

If influencers talk about your brand just once, this is not nearly enough to put yourself on the market and reach product-market fit. In case, impactful online figures talk and post about you consistently ( again, 5-6 months in a row), the audience will definitely get used to it. Plus, this will be the way to build up credibility to your brand and upgrade reputation on the market. 

Find trending content related to your brand

Another important detail you should remember that currently, in 2019, video content is being preferred over text. To make sure just go on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook and compare how many video and text posts pop up.

Check out the most famous blogs in your niche and find out what the blogger gets the ideal number of retweets, shares, and comments. If one or several bloggers fit your brand image, you may move to another important step.

Social media monitoring is the ideal approach to track online influencers quick and easy. Just add keywords connected to your industry, brand and check social media platforms you need.

Make the research on influencers in your niche

Influencers may considerably change the brand reputation, impact dynamics of sales advance promotion in general. Depending on the platform you choose for your brand’s promotion, influencers may use video or text content. 

If that’s video content, as a rule, influencers make video reviews. They vary from YouTube video blog, Instagram story, IGTV to a feed post. In case, it’s text content, influencers may share recent posts about products or services or, once again, to make an Instagram post.

It works really simple. The first thing is to find influencers relevant to your brand and negotiate collaboration. It’s very important to connect brand influencers in your industry. For instance, Alex Rodriguez, a famous baseball player has 3.2M followers, meaning his impact as an influencer is huge. But Rodriguez is noticeable figure in the sports niche, so if it has nothing to do with yours, there’s no point contacting him.

Connect to influencers directly related to your niche. Moreover, make your search as specific as possible. Thanks to the high level of competitiveness, you can find unique types of brand influencers.

Analyze influencer connection with subscribers

Make sure to follow these tips during the evaluation process. How can they be useful? Tips help to define if influencers have minimal requirements to assist in further promotion or not.

  • Stay focused and direct your attention to the most noticeable influencers in your industry. You don’t need to waste your time searching and looking through thousands of minor influencers; five or seven influencers would be enough.
  • Check the number of subscribers or followers. After that pay attention to the number of lives, views, comments for the last 5 posts of video blogs.
  • Each niche and type of an influencer has to have the required minimum for each post. This way, you can review the audience engagement.
  • The next important tip to keep in mind consistency. It is the magic key when it comes to social media. 
  • Check out the content and its relevance to your brand. If the content doesn’t reflect any structured consistency and value, it’s better to skip it and move forward with the list of influencers. 
  • As soon as you find someone who fits all criteria, contact via email or directly through social media platforms.

Believe it or not, every niche, no matter if that is healthcare, sport, entrepreneurship, tech, gaming, makeup or fitness,  has got its own influencers that set the ton on the market. Influencers are the ones who shape key trends in viewership of every industry. Even quick research gives a picture of the recent trends and those who set them. If you’re serious about integrating influencer marketing in your business, make a profound analysis of the industry you’re in. 

It implies the most discussing topics for the last month; the number and the type of brand influencers and how many of them relate to your brand. Don’t forget to research what platforms people use to reach influencers, because this might be the platform you’re going to work with.

How to find influencers using online tools

Now that you understand how to select influencers, it’s time to figure out how to make it quick.

Social media monitoring tools are the best decision here. Get help using a free tracking tool that collects data within several seconds with all the information you need to know for further influencer campaigns. is the best free tool on the market. Much like everything genius, it’s simple and effective in usage. All you need to do is to put keywords that help you search the niche. Not only it reflects nicknames, a number of followers, hashtags, contact info, but also suggests the top impactful bloggers on each platform. 

In case, you’re focused on one particular social media platform, you may choose by clicking one of them on the sidebar and get results. Besides, don’t forget to include the time frames in your search. E.g.  you look for top Instagram influencers in the travel industry for last month. Simply choose search for the last 30 days or pick a custom date. 

What about an actual example? Let’s say sports clothing brand Gymshark plan on working with fitness influencers in Europe. Following the steps in this guide, the brand has to research the fitness niche. It’s enough to use the brand’s hashtag #gymshark and #europe to catch on the recent dynamics in a certain location.

Collected information about the ranking influencers all over Europe gives a clear picture who match the following criteria: the optimal number of followers, views, likes, comments, and shares. Thanks to feature Find Influencers it’s super easy and tracks impactful features in the niche, check total mentions of the brand and to put links to influencers’ profiles in the bookmark to catch up later. 

Influencer marketing requires time, attention and energy; that’s why social media and web monitoring tools like are your online assistants that simplify the whole process. It seems like the generation of influencers has ensured new, yet fair “rules of the game”. An increasing number of brands prioritize influencer marketing as a major marketing channel and method of developing business awareness. 


Natalie Zavizion is the Marketing Specialist at, develops the company's marketing strategy and promotion.

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