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The Best Exploring is Social Media Monitoring


Let’s get straight what social mention is

Social media monitoring (SMM)

Who is a social media manager?

Improve marketing strategy with social monitoring tools

How social monitoring helps to boost customer care

Wrapping it up

It’s impressive what a huge impact social media has these days. To get closer to a customer, regular or potential, almost all businesses of various niches turn to social media to increase their chances of promotion and sales, regardless of the type of their services or products. Of course, to give people what they want, it’s a necessity for brands to listen to their customers and improve marketing and sales strategies accordingly.

The proven and the best approach of listening to your customer is to track brand mentions online. If you’re new to this and hear or read “social media monitoring” for the very first time, we shed the light and explain complicated things in simple words. 

This article will be helpful for those of you, who build startups and personal brands. Social media managers, content marketing managers and even PR specialists will find valuable insights and tips

Let’s get straight what social mention is

Social mention is a word combination or one word that usually includes a keyword related to something and posted on a social platform. 

Every mention of you or your brand online constitutes as a social mention. It’s better to review this using an example. Imagine you work on your brand and have already created pages on several social platforms and sales go just fine. Customers keep on leaving comments, likes and share information about the product with others. Digital word-of-mouth marketing in its pure form, ha?

I’m pretty sure you would like to know everything, meaning every little thing, what people say and think about your brand. To think about it, social mention is a great option to find out 100% honest opinion about the services or a product you provide. It is alert if people out there spread negative comments.

Social media monitoring (SMM)

This also the trusted source of the whole buzz that is going on around and the reason to upgrade the social media monitoring (SMM) process. Let’s dig a little deeper here.

To grow a business, you should clearly understand what it takes to develop it. Believe it or not, social media monitoring is one of the best methods to stay aware and gather data about a brand. 

Social media monitoring is the process of tracking a product name and brand-related keywords

You probably wonder How can it be valuable? Social media monitoring provides insights into what the audience currently engaged with, what is the preferred social platform and the percentage of positive and negative reviews. 

So, keeping that in mind, you have the recent data to rely on and enough information to navigate the dynamics of the growth of your social channels.

Who is a social media manager?

If you’re responsible for developing your business by yourself at the very beginning, you can deal with social media by yourself. Yet the number of responsibilities grows along with a business. Sure, you can manage business tools, management, and growth by yourself. But in most cases, we need a team of associates who share the vision of a brand and know the exact approaches to grow it further.

If you feel like you cannot cope with everything by yourself, it makes sense to delegate tasks to a professional. You see, to manage a brand’s social media presence is the job for an expert in this field. This is when a social media manager comes along; the one who is in charge of monitoring social mentions, analyzing and filtering the data and promoting a brand. 

Much like a project manager or a business analyst, a social media manager is an irreplaceable cog in the wheel of business that brings its own value. IN the work process, even a skillful social media manager needs tools to work magic.

The first and the best that comes to mind is social monitoring tool that free and available 24/7. It’s really useful when it comes to collecting and structuring data from the most popular social webs and seeking out content creators. 

Improve marketing strategy with social monitoring tools

As it turned out, social media monitoring is useful in so many ways. The received data is also beneficial for the potential renovation of your sales, marketing, and content strategy. And here’s how.

Use brand mentions for sentiment analysis of your audience.

The more you know about your brand mentions, the better. But timely, or better to say immediate, responses to all of those mentions is one more ace in your sleeve. Every time you monitor new brand mentions related to your industry and especially to your own brand, as it was stated before, likes, comments, shares serve as a tool for defining the mood of your audience.

There is always two types of customers: those, who love your brand and those, who hate it. Owing to social media monitoring, the evaluation of that mood becomes quick and simple. 

Learn to use social monitoring for your reputation management.

If you find positive feedback in a comment or even the chain of back and forth comments that involve your brand name, it’s a wise thing to show gratitude, to encourage customers and maybe to share a discount code.

In case, you deal with negative reviews, consider this as an opportunity to be loyal no matter what. Negative feedback is data as well, so use it wisely. Turn them into your benefits and work on your weak point harder. 

Use customers’ feedback as the basis for the content plan.

Most of the customers’ comments are a source of your future content plan. Just find out what people are curious or concerned about and direct your upcoming content to resolve a question or issue once and for all. 

How Social Monitoring Helps Boosting Customer Care 

“Know your customer” is a trending motto of the most successful startups and they prove its working. Considering that every niche counts several major competitors, as a growing brand do something to stand out. For starters, be reliable, consistent (in customer care) and always available for your customers.

Aside from social listening, companies focus on monitoring forums, comments on blogs, recent posts, and discussions to catch on the recent preferences of the target audience. 

Customers appreciate timely responses, especially when they’re not quite satisfied with a product or a service. Timely reaction to any sort of online mention can serve in your favor. There’s a big difference if you or your associates reply within several minutes or a couple of days. Clearly, people choose a brand that answers back in a timely manner. 

A social media monitoring tool is a viable solution for moving customer care to another level. Monitoring every social mention you have a head start and advantage over competitors.

Wrapping it up

Almost all efficient tools for quick and beneficial work are invited. Yet it’s up to you to pick one to get a preferable outcome.

So we’ve reviewed and discussed what is social mentions; came to the particulars of social media monitoring and cleared up the real value of social media manager. In this article, it was important to explain how one simple, yet genius tool can help out with marketing strategies and customer care.

Include social media monitoring into your daily business routine and compare the difference of results before and after its usage. You will be impressed with the results, for sure. Hopefully, you took several insights ( or all of them) and ready to apply them.

If you still have any questions left, please write down below in the comments.


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