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A Quick Reference To Social Media Image Sizes


The social media landscape is ruled by visual contents, be it a brand promotion, news, video or just a meme. As long as the message a brand is trying to communicate on social media is conveyed effectively.

It is important for any brand that endlessly strives to establish a solid media presence on any major social media network to understand how to optimize the images that will be representing the brand. 

This guide, therefore, explains the most ideal image sizes, types of image, the specific dimensions that can be used on every social media platform. This guide also provides quick tips when deciding on the type of image to use on a social media network.

Covered in this guide are social media image sizing and dimensions tips on the following social media platforms.

Twitter image sizes

Facebook image sizes

Instagram image sizes

Pinterest image sizes

LinkedIn image sizes

Snapchat image sizes

Tumblr image sizes

YouTube image & video sizes

Twitter Image Sizes

Profile image

It is common knowledge that the first impression lasts long. An identity that will be visible on your homepage to your prospects and followers is your profile image. This will also be the default display image on all your tweets which makes it important to use an image with an excellent quality that will portray your brand.

Dimensions:  400×400; 2MB max.

Header Image

Use high resolution and appealing image for your Twitter header photo. You can also use a header image that portrays the tagline and logo of your brand.

Dimensions: 1500X500 10MB max.

In-stream image

Twitter allows you to upload up to four images alongside your tweet. An image link is usually created for each in-stream image that uses up the available character space. Don’t forget to always ensure that a 2:1 image ratio is maintained to properly fit the feed of your followers.

Dimension: 440×220, 5MB max for images & 3MB max for GIFs.

Facebook Image Sizes

The opportunity on Facebook is very huge as it is one of the biggest social media networks in the world. It is therefore important to know the type of image that will be used on this platform as it can make or break your brand engagement. You need to make sure that you always upload the best image quality as Facebook regularly updates its image and design dimensions.

Profile image

Your profile image on Facebook will be visible on your timeline, comments, status messages and so on. In short, it will be the image representing your brand.

Dimension: 180X180.

Cover Photo

Your cover image represents your profile or business on your Facebook timeline. Ensure that your cover photos are the correct dimension as anything less will be stretched. 

Dimension: 820X310 recommended, not less than 399X150. 

Shared Image

Shared images on Facebook are very useful in prompting user engagement among your Facebook friends and followers. It is usually visible in the news feed 

Dimension: 1200X630

Event image

Dimension: 1920 X 1080 px

Visible in feed: 470 X 174.

Instagram Image sizes

Instagram basically deals with images and videos. it is very crucial to know the proper dimension to use on this platform. You will need all the available help to stand out among influencers, photographers and even artists.

Profile Image

Just like other social media platforms, the profile image on Instagram is visible on your posts and comments which makes it crucial to be appealing and of high quality. Instagram also allows you to upload a video (not more than 10 seconds) on your timeline that can be shared in your stories. 

Please note that an aspect ratio of 1:1 should be maintained for all your images on Instagram so that they will appear in squares. 

Recommended dimension: 180 X 180 px for desktop and 110 X 100 px for app.

Pinterest image sizes

This platform is used by many people for ideas on almost anything which makes it essential to displaying a high-quality image.

Most uploads on Pinterest usually contain external links and one of the best places for generating referrals and traffic through appealing images and visuals. 

Profile image

Profile images on Pinterest are usually lightweight and, on this platform, you can represent your brand with a human face. It does not really hold much importance compared to other platforms so you can opt for anything that represents your brand or activity.

Dimension: 240 X 240px, 180 X 180px

Pin Image

Pin images are images submitted by users on Pinterest. Pinterest has verified that it will start cropping pins that are taller than 2:1 of its width. 

Recommended dimension for pins: 600 X 1260px. 

Depending on when clicked, general suggestion for pins are: 600 X 900px, 600 X 600px, 600 X 1260px.

LinkedIn image sizes

LinkedIn is a social media platform for digital brands and professionals. On LinkedIn, you need to create a professional visual representation for your business because it is still the largest professional network where you can generate traffic that is related to your industry.

Profile Image

Your profile image on LinkedIn will also have more views than any other thing such as in your posts, search results, and comments. It is recommended to opt for something professional on this platform like a standard logo, 

Recommended Dimensions: 400 X 400px, 300 X 300px minimum, 4MB max. 

Background Image

LinkedIn also offers a large space on your profile page. A background header image is usually located at the top right of your profile image and a good place to showcase some of your creative works.

Dimension: 1584 X 396px

Company profile image

The profile image on your company page can be easily filled with your brand logo.

The square company profile image located on the right is what will be displayed in search results. it also helps to collect some of the images on your company page.

Dimension: 300 X 300px.

Company cover image

This image is found on the top of your company page but mostly hidden by your company info and logo.

Dimension: 1192 X 200px.

Snapchat image sizes

Snapchat is another social media platform that is popular for its visual content. Photos taken using this app are usually around 1080 X 1920px but for those using it for marketing purposes with or without filters, the dimension is somewhat uniform. You can add creativity and showcase your brand using the cover and banner image. You can also embed text together with the images you upload on this platform for additional contexts. 

Dimension: 1080 X 1920px.

Tumblr image sizes

Tumblr is a custom social media network that enables users to share anything. It is sometimes referred to as a blogging platform, or a content-sharing center where brands and customers can share what they like. Tumblr has more than 435 million blogs registered on the platform with about 145 billion posts.

Keep in mind that your visuals on this platform must fit the right dimensions when using both static images and animated GIFs.

Profile Image

Even though your profile image on Tumblr is linked to your page, it is not regularly displayed on the site. Your profile image will be seen close to the follow button on your page but its location and size also depend on your desired theme.

Dimension: 128 X 128px, Type: JPG, PNG, GIF.

Image Posts

Image posts are posts that display on your page and visible by your followers. Sime Tumblr can be easily personalized with different themes, users can post different sizes of photos.

Dimensions: 1280 X 1920px maximum, In-feed: 500 X 790px, 10MB max.

YouTube image sizes

YouTube is accessed by more than 1 billion users monthly and available on millions of devices. Ensure that you build a solid profile that goes more than the contents you upload but also maintains your objectives and purpose on the platform.

Always remember that YouTube is assessed by several types of devices and all your visual contents will be displayed on every one of them.

Recommended Dimensions:

Channel Profile Image: 800 X 800px, Supports: PNG, JPG, BMP.

Channel Cover Image: 2560 X 1440px, 4MB max.

Tablet Devices: 1855 X 423px

TV Display: 2560 X 1440px

Mobile Devices: 1546 X 423px.

Desktop Devices: 2560 X 423px.

YouTube Video Uploads.

YouTube is literally a video sharing site and uploading videos is one of the ways to establish a solid presence on the platform. Ensure that your videos maintain the 16:9 aspect ratio and your dimensions should not be less than 1280 X 720px.


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