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How To Increase Your Brand Mentions On Social Media

Being persistent in updating your social media posts does determine the value of the social media presence of your brand. Instead, it is actually concluded by the total number of mentions your brand received on social media. 

Social media mentions” means the number of times, a brand is mentioned on the web, which includes Facebook share, Twitter retweets, Pinterest repinned, Instagram tags, and so on.

Particularly, brand mentions tend to drive remarkable results for the brand. The more people mention or reference you in their posts, the higher your reach will be. Individuals use social media to share their experiences about the stuff that allures them. 

Amazingly, you can have those people mention your brand once you get the idea of making it happen. Take a look at the ways to fulminate your brand mentions on social platforms.

Content organization is the key

No matter how simple it sounds, but in reality, social media marketing demands dedication and hard work. In order to plan an effective content, you must first understand your audience and their needs, and then, come up with a social media content strategy.

However, you must take some important things into account, for example, the type of content that touches the heart of your followers. Even something that motivates or triggers them to ask questions and share their insights. Most importantly, strategize the best time to draw your audience’s attention.

The modern social media users share and follow the posts that impress them; therefore, it is essential to invest your valuable time in getting to know your audience better.

Analyze and optimize your profiles on platforms

Each social media platform serves a distinct type of audience. For instance, active individuals on Facebook might not be interested in Twitter or other social media platforms. Hence, to make sure you are engaging with the right audience, you must evaluate and analyze every platform to recognize your actual target audience.

Whereas, when it comes to optimizing your profiles on social media; you need to understand that there is a strong and vital connection between the algorithms of Social media and the algorithms of search engines, such as Google. Therefore, when the content is created, optimize it while keeping the algorithms including on-page SEO of search engines in mind.

Moreover, every feature of your social media profile is tweakable for higher visibility and optimization. But being a social media expert is not as easy since you must understand the essential details of all the elements. 

There are a few tactics that work and increase your visibility and reach on all social media channels. Make certain to follow the below-mentioned tactics to improve your rankings. 

  • A simple and easy username for remembering.
  • An identifiable logo of the brand.
  • Insert SEO-optimized keywords into the descriptions.
  • Keywords should sound natural and not forced.
  • Accessible external links of your website.
  • Pay attention to the images, CTAs and keywords you use. 

Stand out in a crowd

Many social media marketers consider Mondays and Tuesdays as the perfect time to publish viral posts. 

Nevertheless, CMO of Mention, Clement Delangue has a varied perspective and says that if a brand wants to be noticeable, they should use weekends to increase their social mentions. He further says that it is hard to become obvious in a competition, and therefore, weekends serve as a wonderful possibility for beginners to create buzz and gather momentum on social networking platforms.

Learn the art of engagement

Just like its name, social media needs to be social and demands interaction. Interacting does not only suggest to keep posting content, but you must hold contests, ask questions, reply to their comments, or even excite them in a valuable discussion.

Everyone needs acknowledgment; thus, recognize and appreciate your audience by simply saying “thank you” under their comments. Doing so leaves a significant and positive impression that you care about and value your customer’s opinions.

Provide your audience with good visual content

Visual treats have lasting effects on the audience as they become interested in your content and share them on their own profiles as well. Almost every platform allows posting visuals like photos, videos, and GIFs, but the most famous are Pinterest and Instagram for videos and pictures watching.

Luckily, you will never run out of posting visuals on your account as you can post behind-the-scene fun images, inspiring quotes, creative pictures, and much more that people will take interest in sharing.

Inspire your audience using a good sense of humor

Making someone laugh creates a quick connection between you and your audience. Everyone loves sharing funny jokes and stuff with their friends and family. So give them something they can’t resist to share. 

Interestingly, humorous posts aid in starting a great conversation. Posting something that is a combination of fun, distinct, alluring, and a bit silly content get more engagement and obviously gain likes, comments, and shares.

Don’t be afraid of being a divergent

Surprisingly, the most confirmed method to get attention online is to think outside the box. Let your audience contemplate on something you share. 

People love new ideas, daring, and thought-provoking concepts that influence them strongly. They even share posts related to the hot and current trending topics. This is where social media analysis comes in handy as it is the best way to advertise your offering, specifically, when it relates to a wide audience.

In the fullness of time, the only thing that should matter for you is your audience, regardless of the platform, be it your website or other social networking sites. For that reason, always bear your audience’s interests in mind. Since the value of your posts is determined by the amount of traction you get from the web.

Make yourself visible and approachable

Unfortunately, a purple highlighter won’t help you to gain more brand visibility.  In the digital era, it is important to mark your presence on all social media networks whether it’s your webpage, storefront, business card, or email signatures.

Another thing to consider in order to increase the number of your followers is to add follow buttons on your official website, so users instantly follow your social media accounts. 

Last but not least, increase your presence by cross-promoting your social media accounts. For instance, get your Instagram followers like you on Facebook and vice-versa. Cross-promotion lets you be known and eventually, grows your organic traffic tremendously.


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