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15 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

You probably wonder why so many fruits on this pic how it related to brand monitoring tools. We all have different tastes and always look for something special and unique. Just like regular and unusual fruits on the image, we try various tools and their features and to finally settle down with the one that works and fits better than the others. We’re about to share insights on how to pick your “ favorite fruit” among brand monitoring tools.

Looking for a tool that meets your brand’s requirements, pay close attention to any detail if a tool can assist to achieve a product-market fit. Brands’ marketers should cut right to the heart of things to make customers ripping out their products. It’s not the easiest thing to do, yet it’s the reachable purpose.

There is one proven way to stand out among other competitors.  Apply “thank you economy” to your audience. In particular, it means strategic giving in any form in order to engage the audience, to provoke curiosity and later on to build up constant interest to a product or service. This might be free consultations, attractive discounts, valuable and informative content in video or written form. Plus, this is a great opportunity for people to provide instant feedback about strong and weak points (because there’s always something to work on).

We truly believe that every online tool has to be useful and preferably free. We appreciate your attention and do our best for you to stay focused and up to date. team gone through comparative analysis and evaluated tons of online tools. And guess what? We came up with the top 20 free social media monitoring tools. It’s been quite a challenge to narrow down the list to 20, yet use your best judgment and let us know if it’s useful.

The list of 15 Monitoring Tools:

Google Alerts












Social Report


1. is a free and highly effective web monitoring and social listening tool that brings brand mentions search to another level. Any user is free to track brand mentions and listen to any online conversation in the most in-demand social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter; blogs and news feeds, uncover information about competitors’ marketing channels and upload the data to work offline. offers free brand mentions tracking, web and social media analysis without trial periods or pre-paid demo versions, just available and 1000% accurate tool to grow and navigate your business.

Pay attention. The tool has a brand new feature of Find Content Creators that simplifies the process of finding brand influencers and content writers. Famm cuts down the search time on trending topics and identifying your competitors’ influencers in seconds. 

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the cost-free alternatives that people choose. It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t know about Google Alerts as it the first option that comes to mind.
It is pretty good for web monitoring and tracking of the recent online discussions and news. Google Alerts is also convenient owing to its options of mention alert function that includes frequency, sources, time and location. Basically, you set the parameters when and how often to get alerts on your personal email.

Pay attention: Google Alerts has basic features, but it’s not as effective as other web monitoring tools. It’s a matter of time when users switch to another option looking for more detailed and specific results.

3. Awario

Awario is a paid monitoring and social listening tool that collects results from the most usable social platforms, forums, and news. Awario has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Considering that its paid service, it offers a Starter plan to start for $29 per month. If you’re interested in more a Pro plan, that would be $89 a month. The third option is $299 per month. 

It’s useful for tracking brand followers and social media influencers of any niche. The tool has the feature of tracking sales opportunities as well.

Pay attention:  Customer support service is not that available as it should be. So if you need immediate help, the resolution might take a while. Note that the tool so good for tracking simple mentions, yet when it comes to more complex keywords, it requires a financial contribution.

4. Brandwatch

Brandwatch offers three different products to customers. This way, you may purchase one of them or all three. Product “Audiences” gives the full information about the target audience of your brand; “Visia” to incorporate visualization into your business and “Analytics” which certainly implies data analysis. Recently they launched a new feature of “Consumer Research” to pursue brand intelligence. This explains custom pricing for this tool. Users may request paid plans as soon as any of them fits their needs.

Pay attention: Unlike other monitoring and social listening tools, Brandwatch doesn’t provide users with real-time results. For example, if you seek the newest YouTube comments that people leave at this very moment, you’d better use another tool. 

5. Brand24

Brand24 is another brand monitoring tool that might come in handy. Let’s say you have many tasks to do for today and every hour is scheduled. You may devote all of your previous time to social webs, news, and forums, but what kind of day is that? To remain productive and still be aware of all the things that happen online, entrust this with such brand monitoring and a social listening tool like Brand24. Why 24? Cause unlike you it can be up all day and night.

A multifunctional dashboard presents understandable data about influencers, demographics; shows great social sentiment analysis customer support. Actually, in this case, Brand24  support service is a great sample of “strategic giving” policy, when support agents are proactive and share tips about the tool in advance.

Pay attention: Brand24 doesn’t always get the newest data from Facebook. For some customers, Facebook and its data are a big deal, so an increasing number of users seek tools can get results from everywhere. 

6. MediaToolKit

MediaToolKit is a great option for mainly medium and large businesses, who struggle with managing brand mentions and reputation. As a rule, a business needs results right here and now, so MediaToolKit offers multiple search criteria, alert creation and the most recent positive, negative and neutral mentions of a brand.

The reason why this tool fits developed business is the pricing above average. MediaToolKit offers 14 days free trial run for every package. The price range starts from $49 for a Standard plan, which is not the most loyal price on the market. As for the upgraded Pro plan, that would be $99 per month. After a trial run, it’s better to make your mind and choose a monthly plan suitable for your business, whether its a Standard, Pro, Medium Business or Enterprise. 

Pay attention: the tool doesn’t impress with the demographics. Plus, the depth search could be better to track the dynamics of mentions for lщnger period of time.

7. YouScan

YouScan put itself on the map a while ago. Brand monitoring and social listening are not the only features here. Social sentiment analysis and image recognition define this tool from the rest. These features are very helpful when it comes to deep evaluation of brand management and reputation, not to mention customers’ feedbacks.

YouScan is a paid tool that provides 4 major plans for customers: Standard, Pro, Insight, and Ultra.  And, certainly, know you buy using a demo for every plan. 

Pay attention: YouScan is pretty competitive among other rivals, yet it cannot compete with a free tool that brings the same value. 

8. BrandMentions

BrandMention has the standard number of features for monitoring tool. Tracking brand mentions, sentiment analysis, real-time notifications features are common enough. Although, the absence of Influencers or Content creators features seems weird. Honestly, there were higher expectations for a paid tool rather than the usual list of must-have features.

As for the pricing ranges, BrandMention presents options for new business – $49, growing business – $79 and company  – $299

Pay attention: No feature to find, contact and work with influencers.

9. HootSuite

HootSuite is on the market for over a decade, so it means that times of bugs and beta versions are far behind. It also implies that this tool has to remain competitive considering the number of rivals and customers’ demands.

If you’re interested, Hootsuite offers affordable options for paid plans: Professional – $19, Team – $59, Business –  $99. The pricing for Enterprise plan is kind of hidden or better to say classified, so it’s more like a custom solution. 

Pay attention: What you should note is the trial period lasts for 30days, which is enough to understand if this tool a worthwhile investment. 

10. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics offers a wider and non-standard range of features to customers. Such approach makes them unique as this tool can assist with Influencer Identification, Sentiment Scoring, Social Reporting, Social Listening and Social Measurement. These features simplify the process of analysis even more, which is useful for small, medium or big businesses. Seems like Mentionlyntics brought requirements for monitoring tools to another level. Yet pricing matches the quality standards: $39 for a Startup plan, $99 Essential plan, $199 Advanced plana and $299 would be Pro plan.

Pay attention: Mentionlyntics doesn’t have a well-considered FAQ section. Also, keyword restrictions might be an issue for some users.

11. Mention

Mention is one of those tools that offers pretty good service at a reasonable price. Social media monitoring and publishing, crisis management, competitive analysis and brand tracking are in the list of offered features.

Mention tool came up with an ideal solution for pricing. It’s possible to choose a free of charge plan with all the available features to use every day. But to widen privileges, customers may choose affordable plans based on their needs: Solo plan $25, Starter plan $83. It seems like the perfect combination of supply and demand. Pay attention: in some cases, social media mentions might be shows in an Unknown folder and it’s easy to lose them.

12. Meltwater

Meltwater might fit B2B as well as B2C business. It brings attention to public relations, reputation management, social media marketing and management. Unlike other tools, this one focuses on building a professional brand image.

The pricing is custom and in most cases depends on chosen features. As a customer you might want to use one of all of them. It’s wise to pay for something you actually use on a daily basis.

Pay attention: UI is a weak spot. The usability could be better, as too many features puzzle an average customer and it’s easy to lose track. Languages navigation might let down as well. All in all, Meltwater has to fix glitches in the system and change pricing policy to more conventional. 

13. Talkwalker

Overall, the tool is helpful for sure. Reputation management and additional social media analytics tools boost the information-gathering process. 

Yet the pricing is excessive, or better to say shocking. Annual pay for the Basic plan would be $9 600; that means $800 per month. Corporate and Enterprise plans’ pricing is on request. The only question that occurs “Does it really worth contributions?”

Pay attention: Various minor system bags might happen. Despite accurate analysis and monitoring, the tool has things to work on. 

14. Social Report

Social Report is one of those tools that really good for social mentions tracking, analysis of the audiences’ social dynamics. Feature of Social Report speaks for itself: Targeted Engagement, Social Media Monitoring and listening, Social Management, Reports and Dashboards (including Influencer identification, Competitor analysis and Publishing. It is obvious that the tools were designed to handle brand image via social platforms and only.

Evaluate if that’s fits your business strategy and go for it. Standard plan is affordable enough $49, Advanced  is $99, and finally Pro plan would be $199 monthly pay.

Pay attention: Note that the tool has limited historical data.

15. Falcon

Falcon can be very competitive, based on the number of its features. Social management, social media monitoring, publishing, analysis, all of them are on-demand, but there’s one “but”. Falcon plays hard to get. There is no published information about the pricing for this tool.

Pay attention:  No announced price policy. You should contact to get the details.

Before you go

The better you understand the market, the more effective your business, marketing and PR strategies will be. Social listening and brand monitoring tools put all the puzzles together to give the whole and clear picture of what is going on out there. Currently, it takes seconds to collect the data and several minutes to identify how to use it. 

After careful review of the most efficient and beneficial brand monitoring tools, what are your thoughts regarding this selection? There must be one or several tools that caught your attention. What are they?

If you have your own list of free tools that work for you, feel free to share it. 


Natalie Zavizion is the Marketing Specialist at, develops the company's marketing strategy and promotion.

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