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A Complete Guide To Brand Awareness

1. Brand awareness defined
2. Importance of brand awareness
3. Tips on how to build brand awareness
4. Types of brand awareness
5. Ways of increasing brand awareness
6. Measuring brand awareness

Brand awareness defined

Brand awareness is the level of familiarity and recognition of your business with your potential customers. It involves the features and attributes in addition to the products and services you offer.

Brand awareness is a critical part of the marketing campaign that will give the proper introduction of your products and services to your potential customers. Customer decision whether to purchase a product or service is often based on the awareness of the brand. Customers tend to lean towards reputable brands even at a higher cost. This is usually because of the brand awareness that has been created on every consumer’s mind. It is very important that your customers can recognize and are aware of your brand as this is critical to your business success and bottom-line.

Importance of brand awareness

Brand awareness builds trust

The level at which your prospective customers are familiar with the mission, core values, and narratives, your brand will determine how to gain their trust. The sure path to getting the loyalty of your customers is when they trust your brand. Give your brand a special personality and an avenue of trustworthiness, which is similar to how trust is developed in humans, to boost your customers’ brand awareness. It’s already a well-known fact that customers tend to trust more transparent brands so as YOU do. 🙂
So during implementing your brand recognition ideas influence both present and future decisions.

It builds an association with a brand

Brand awareness gives us an association of products and services offered by a particular brand with the specific demand of a consumer. This association is applied where people think about the brand when the product category is encountered and where they use the name of the brand to convey the product category. For instance, you Photoshop your photos, you drink your hot tea from Thermos, wear your favourite pink Polo and so on. Brand awareness helps to promote the features and attributes that associate your brand. 

It increases brand equity

Brand equity represents the value of your brand. It makes a generic product outstanding simply because it is offered by a particular brand. This is established by the customer experience and the general perception of the brand. Developing your brand awareness and regularly promoting the positive experience of your brand will help to build and establish your brand equity.

It develops a network

Brand awareness is typically viral. If proper planning is in place, it becomes the center of discussion and develops a network that will help distribute the information further.

Tips on how to build brand awareness

1. Define your specific market

What is the main idea? First of all, you need to learn your audience and to be aware of a market-fit in your niche/industry. You need to ask yourself questions: Who can be interested in my product? Where’s my audience is concentrated? What is demanded on the market? What channels will be appropriate for a brand’s promotion? 

Targeting the right audience on the appropriate channels with a demanded product is a BINGO!
Experiment. Make any different tests with your marketing campaigns. Implement specific ways to reach out to either wide customer audiences or specific small groups.

2. Make your product friendly to search engines

Your brand must be visible to search engines for people to find it across the internet. So using the right relevant words that describe your product accurately — the most important rule. You need to know what “key” words describe your brand most of all. So research, research, research, check competitors’ websites, niche key conversations and think logically what can be done to get visibility and go to the top of Google’s search.

3. Give priority to consumer engagement on social media

Social media marketing is very important to build awareness. Giving priority to social customer engagement will improve the experience of your consumers and increase the level of interaction with your prospects. What kind of interaction?
It is a normal thing now to share your thoughts, ask for help, write inquiries, feedback, and reviews on social media. You can easily become closer to your customers and help them to cope with their needs by offering your product or gathering their thoughts on your service if they are already your customers. Be in the right place, right here and right now and improve your product and feedback with social media monitoring

4. Partner with popular brands

An excellent method of establishing brand awareness is to allow other popular brands to introduce your brand to their audience. It looks like a fairy-tale but it’s real. If your product is unique and interesting, why not? I usually monitor Nike’s collabs with designers, that I hadn’t heard before, that is really marvelous.
Also, social media influencers are more likely to have the attention of your targeted audience on a much larger scale. You can search for popular influencers, develop a relationship with them such that they will be willing to market your brand. You can also offer to test or wear your product to hype influencers that already have a good reputation in your niche and many people listen to them.

Types of brand awareness

Here are the common types of brand awareness.

Brand Recall

Brand recall is a spontaneous recall of a brand from a consumer’s memory when triggered by the category of a product. A specific brand should always pop up in the mind of a consumer when prompted with a need or demand. The number of brands customers recall represents the level of connection they have with the product category and the brand.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the unique features and attributes a brand has over other brands at every encounter. This brand awareness type does not require the customer to recall the name but only the ability of the consumer to identify the brand through packaging or at the point of sale.

Top-Of-Mind Awareness

This is the initial brand that erupts on a consumer’s mind when inquired about a product category. This could be a set of 3 brands, consumers will always tend to buy from. It is usually the most remembered and most recalled brand name. These brands are the consideration set of the consumer and the objective of every marketer is to get their brand into this consideration set.

Ways of increasing brand awareness

Brand awareness is developed by creating a relationship with the customer where their interests are prioritized. Discover the ways of boosting brand awareness strategy:

Concentrate on the product

A quality brand awareness is hinged on a quality product. Create a unique and appealing value proposition that will prompt your customers to involuntarily share your product. Be sure to concentrate on personality and positioning.

The positioning of your brand is also very important. It helps to increase brand awareness. Brands can position their product as an economic product in a premium market or a premium product in an economic market. Find a desirable positioning for your brand that can be maximized to increase your brand awareness. A very good example is Apple, which is known as a premium brand in the gadget world. This has developed a cult that is used to spread the brand’s message.

Offer something for free

The word “free” is viral. It goes beyond just the price indicator. it is very effective in attracting prospects to try anything even if they want it or not.

One of the best ways of increasing brand awareness is to offer free things. Offer something for free but keep it limited to double its effect as it develops a sense of urgency and helps your customers perceive your offers to have a higher value than those in abundance.

Combine Inbound and Outbound marketing

Advertising is undoubtedly an excellent method of increasing awareness of a brand. Although, not everyone will develop a positive perception of the brand because advertisements and other types of outbound marketing is a push technique. There is where inbound marketing comes in. It pulls a technique that implements targeted and non-intrusive methods such as social media marketing, content marketing, event marketing, and search engine optimization to increase brand awareness and attract potential customers.

Make it shareable

Your customers can also help to increase the awareness of your brand. Simply examine their habits and prioritize their needs. Have a share or recommendation option which will let your customer share products that are fascinated about. This will increase the awareness of your brand as more people will be able to discover what you offer that people trust. Mind what content to share on different stages of marketing cycle.

Offer incentives for referrals

You can also invest in an affiliate or referral program that will assign the marketing of your brand at a cheaper cost to others. At most times, referrals convince more people than your advertisements.

Measuring brand awareness

Although brand awareness cannot be completely measured, you can still analyze the strategies and collect additional information that supports them.


One of the best methods of measuring your brand awareness is to contact a focus group and inquire about the brand. This can be carried out yourself, assigned to a third party or through online tools such as Google Forms, Survey Monkey and so on.

Traffic and Analytics

Brand awareness can also be measured through traffic. Utilize analytics to discover the best source of your traffic. This will help you track the number of people who type the URL of your website, visit through referrals, or social media. Monitoring these trends will help you discover the periodical changes in your brand awareness.

Social Mentions and Shares

Analyzing the number of mentions your brand generates will help you identify the number of conversations your brand is involved in and also track any periodical changes.

Social Engagement

An increase in the followers of your brand on social media is an indication of good brand awareness. It signifies the level at which people socialize and are aware of your brand.

Web and social media monitoring tools like will help you discover channels where your brand is mentioned all across the web, track and analyze each brand mention, learn and investigate the weak and strong points of your competitors and finally compare them with your brand.

Final Thoughts

Brand awareness is an effective concept that majorly affects your customer perception, marketing strategies, and revenue.

Implement these techniques to increase the awareness of your brand and you will establish loyal customers who will choose your product among other competitors over and over again and even suggest them to their loved ones.


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