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About ELA Analytics

Why Us ?

We help you get the most out of your data. Our expertise and experience will help you transform your data into structured insights. The visualizations and business intelligence dashboards will help you make better decisions and follow up on them.

ELA Analytics consultants provide valuable support to ensure continuous data system availability. If you need a data science or analytics consultant, we can deliver an experienced professional within days.

ELA Analytics will help your company’s decision making by providing high-level Business Intelligence (BI) services. These include, and are not limited to customer analysis, performance analysis, optimization, financial reporting, budget analysis, and much more.

We are a creative, diverse, and fast-growing company in the field of Data Analytics. We want to eventually grow to be the leading data analytics company in the Scandinavian region, the first choice for our clients as a partner in improving their decision making process and their business.

ELA’s mission is to provide our clients with the needed support, resources, expertise, and guidance which enables them to make most of their own data. This contributes directly to their growth and that marks our success. We are providing the tools and latest technology that keeps our clients informed and connected.

Our Business Intelligence solutions

We help you implement BI solutions that are aligned with your company’s business strategy. We design and build optimal data architectures to monitor progress against key metrics with scorecards and dashboards, to help you spot opportunities and analyze areas for improvement.

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    Understand the Business
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    Gather Data
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    Process Data
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    Model Solutions
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    Implement solution
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    Test models
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    Identify trends
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    Better Performance

How ELA Analytics works

Analyze Processes

First, we determine what information you use and how it is structured.

Process Data

Then, we proces your data with our special algorithms to get the valuable information from it.

Exploratory Data Analysis

We analyze and organize the data to enhance your strategies and business decisions.

Generate Visual Reports

Finally, we visualize the results in an understandable format (graphs, pie charts, animations) to you.

Experience is key

Our Projects

Ela analytics is

A trusted, proven leader.

Sharp and Creative

We built ideas into reality by uniting the brightest minds in the business, finding patterns & new ways, and giving solutions.

Award Winning Copmany

Our hard work and persistence have paid off, as our work and our solutions have often gotten great recognition.

Diverse and Proud

Our team members are from different backgrounds, countries, and fields, thus creating a company we are proud of.

Here to stay

Our work and persistence are making us among the fastest-growing companies in the region. Our ambition knows no limits.


Our Blog

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