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Engage in online conversations around your brand to get valuable consumer insights and manage your brand’s reputation

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Find out what the buzz around your brand is all about

It’s hard to keep track of every mention out there, when there is so much information noise and distractions.

We monitor millions of web pages - social media, news blogs and forums - for you to get the freshest mentions of your or your competitor’s brand every day.

Jump into key online conversations across the web - we’ll show you where
  • Monitor all your brand mentions, key social conversations and discussions.
  • Respond to positive comments to gain brand fans and react to negative feedback for swift damage control.
  • Define web and social media channels where your brand is mentioned most frequently.
Research influencer marketing possibilities to strengthen your brand

Identify influencers in your niche to reach your target audience easier. Market to your ideal customers through a powerful social presence. Discover which influencers work with your competitors.

Measure your performance against your competitors

Use Fammio’s clean and transparent analytics dashboard to track your performance by platform and observe the trends in your brand’s development over time.

Why our customers choose

Hugo Hamel

When I discovered, it was like finding what I thought would never exist: a tool that allows you to monitor your brand further than just mentions.


Alex Nigmatulin

On @SlushHQ, I found out about @fammioapp. I use it both for retrospective brand mentions, and for influencers for future PR. They develop new features every week and open to new ideas.


Maryna Nalyvaiko

Fammio helped me to cut down the time on my search for right places across the Web with my potential leads. I wish I had this tool 3 years ago. 😈