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Find real-time mentions of any brand all across the web.

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Main features of the Fammio platform

Online reputation management and social media listening were never so easy.
Brand monitoring
See your brand visibility and track brand mentions anywhere on the internet.
Brand Discussers
Find influencers and top content creators in your industry and see who works with your competitors.
Create reports to analyze social media activity based on likes, shares, comments, reach.
Mention Alerts
Get real-time notifications about your new unlinked client mentions.
Brand monitoring

Build and grow brand awareness

Monitor all your brand mentions, key social conversations and discussions. Join all online conversations easily. Find web and social media channels where your brand is mentioned most frequently.

Listen to online conversations

Improve your customers’ feedback

Engage with customers online and build trustful relations by analyzing your social media and web data. Improve your product by gathering feedback of all positive and negative mentions from your customers.

Manage online reputation
Research resources
Analyze competitors

Research the market and spy on competitors

Monitor people’s need to research market-fit. Reveal competitors’ marketing strategies and compare them to yours. Learn and investigate competitors’ weak and strong points and use them to present your product in the best way.

Monitor your competitors

Measure your marketing efforts with Mention Dynamics graph

Analyze web and social media mentions of your brand and track keywords. Learn the share of voice of your posts and how they’re engaged with your audience and potential users. Get fresh insights on your performance and content of discussion about you in one tab.

Analyze marketing strategies
Find content creators
Analyze competitors

Find brand influencers & content creators

Find influencers who have the audience with similar interests and see who works with your competitors. Uncover social media influencers with your target audiences and analyze your brand promotion sources.

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